Friday, July 11, 2008

Further post on the Lameness that is Garfield

Oh, and to believe that in 7th grade I read Garfield books cover to cover. Thank God I never actually bought one. I made an earlier post regarding what folks are doing to this strip, and, as further illustration regarding the cultural touchstone that is the Garfield comic strip, we have Lasagnacat, a live-action enactment of selected Garfield comics over the extremely long course of the strip through history. I include one for your edification below:

And, of course, an obligatory scenario regarding compulsive eating of non-food items:

Today, I hope to finish up reading about Golems and move on to other things that have nothing to do with websurfing. And for all--this will be the one and only time I will ever have either Snoop Dogg or Limp Bizkit on my shizz. Fer Shurzzle.


Kristen said...

I bought one or two back in the day, but most were purchased for me by Nana. I think Garfield was actually pretty good for awhile, but "jumped the shark" long ago.

katie said...

oh my goodness. you just made my night be introducing me to lasagne cat. yes, i know how sad that is. i used to read garfield all the time. my brother used to keep his books in the bathroom. very convenient reading.

Jon Sealy said...

I liked Garfield when I was a kid. Doesn't translate too well beyond the comic strip format, even though those videos are hilarious.