Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Have Learned to Clip My Wings

I'm likely the last one to have seen this (and at two million views, that is at least partially accurate), but Royale de Luxe had a happening in London. The musical backing for "The Sultan's Elephant" is my favorite song of the last five minutes (as I've only heard it five minutes ago and love it), by Les Balayeurs du Desert. I thought I might share the video:

The song features a rather ghostly snippet of Blossom Dearie, singing "It Amazes Me" back in 1958.

Today, it's a toss-up between reading (the first story of Sycamore Review has me on a strange new track, that of the Golem, which moves on to Frankenstein) all day or cleaning the garage. I have a feeling that the garage is gonna lose out.

To close, here is the "elephant" part of "The Sultan's Elephant". This would have been really cool to see in person.

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Destiny said...

How strange, a year later and this song is just not haunting me for the first time.