Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Meal?

At my neigh- borhood Mc Donalds (yeah, yeah, I said I wasn't gonna go there, that I was gonna eat better, etc--I popped in to sit and get free refills on my Diet Coke, so sue me):

A redheaded kid holds up two plastic transformer toys. Has them chase each other in air. then, with a violent spitting noise, enacts the direct hit of one by the other. The shots never miss, so there is no need to shoot more than once--a great wet spitting noise signals not only the firing of the weapon, but also a direct hit. But it isn't the shot that seems to hold the child's fascination. It is the moment after of continued flight, the robot/plane immediately after the irreversible event, the slo-mo arc down to the crushing impact on the salt-scattered tabletop. This sequence of events--the brief flight, the splat of the single shot, the slow continuation of flight sagging into impact--is repeated endlessly as his grandmother stares sullenly at her book.

Photo: Punksmoke, July 4


James Tadd Adcox said...

That's wonderful.

Kristen said...

AUGH! Get thee behind me Satan!

Says she who long ago conquered the McDonald's beast and has finally vanquished the diet Coke cretin forevermore