Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Give Me Your Shadow

I've worked all day on a semester plan for my Composition class, but fear it's all for naught. My class seems to be taken over by The Golem, Batman, The Student from Prague, Hermann Grosz, and the new video from Portishead for their song We Carry on, which I posted a few days ago. Oh, but I have so much more to read up on before I try it. Why am I not smarter?

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katie said...

oh how I feel you on that. Every time I start to plan a lesson I think about how much more I need to know before I teach it. I just try not to let it paralyze me. Still planning on emailing to swap lesson ideas, although I'll be teaching 9th grade to kids on probably a 6th grade level, so... may not work. Good luck finalizing your syllabus! I'm sure it will be great. And I can't believe it's your last year there!