Saturday, April 05, 2008

Preliminary Tax Situation--2008

It's interesting --well, not interesting, actually--in the past 12 years never have I earned so little, yet owed so much. Not since I worked in Russia have I earned the AGI I'm currently reporting, yet instead of a refund, I actually owe the Federal Government money. Color me pissed. In addition, I was notified of my "economy stimulus" payout a/k/a The Bribe to All Citizens the Government Cant Afford, and in spite of all I've just mentioned, I don't even qualify for the full $600. I certainly hope those jerks in their Hummers (who would name a car after a blowjob?) enjoy their economic stimulation. I, for one, have already spent it--on rent, gas, and utility payments. Thank god I won that poetry award, which won't even cover my mortgage payment and gradpad rent payment for the month. But I sure as hell have to report it as "income" on my taxes for 2008. Bitter, party of one?

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