Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bear is Dead

My final paper has just been handed in, which means that it's almost time to bid farewell to the Hallowed Halls of Heavilon for another summer. My Creative Writing undergrads have kinda dropped the ball on the portfolio deadline, however. This leaves me rather displeased, as it's cutting into my Summer Time. Grades Shall Be In Tomorrow.

And then I will go home and play in my garden.


Kristen said...

Hey--a deadline is a deadline. I say those who didn't get them in by the deadline fail. But that's just me. It's in my syllabus that I don't accept late stuff. (Exceptions made for death and dismemberment.) Growl.

Congratulations on finishing your stuff!

davo said...

I have it too, but my schedule mentions the deadline as "Wednesday April 28" which of course ain't right. So I mentioned it in class no less than three times CHANGE THE DATE, 'TIS DUE MONDAY!" And even sent out emails to all and sundry. Claiming the typo as an excuse pegs them to be inattentive and likely stupid; I'm giving one person a pass until tomorrow early morning. But my grades will be in right after that, and if one of my students tries to turn in a portfolio on Wednesday, they'll find that I'll be gone. Poor lambs.