Sunday, April 13, 2008

A New List for Those Who Love Them

  1. A rewrite of my Mann/Lawrence paper, as my Prof didn't like the first one
  2. The still - unwritten Berryman/ Schnittke paper
  3. A 9-page paper on my poetic drift this semester
  4. Revisions on my pieces for the semester
  5. Grading 15 final papers
  6. Critiquing 2 short stories
  7. State Taxes, on which I'd been holding out until I got more money in the bank, cause if I owe for Federal, I sure as hell am gonna owe for State
  8. Reading an ass-high stack of LitCrit.
  9. Attempt to be in a good mood in spite of items 1-8
One thing might help with my state of mind and that is Lemon Jelly. The music outfit, not the condiment. Overheard this song on KUOW whilst staying with Pez over Christmas and remembered upon returning to check if they had a video. And they do, in which it appears Alexandr Solzhenitsyn has an acid trip:


Kristen said...

Check your state regulations. Some things that are federally taxable aren't state taxable. Hopefully you'll do better there.

brizbrizuri said...

considering your height and long legs, that is one seriously high stack of LitCrit.