Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And the Summer is Off..with a Squish

Well, it's my first full day of summer break and I find out that due to some paperwork confusion on my part, my student loan to get me through the summer has not come to fruition, will not come to fruition, which leaves your faithful blogger with damned little to get him through the summer, meaning that he'll either have to dip into the mutual fund for another grand tax hit, or get a menial part time job, which will take out a chunk of his last summer of available time to work on his thesis before the school year starts up again.

With that lovely bombshell dropped this morning, I thought it best to get out in the yard to get something productive done, and set to work on digging the stump of the firebush out of the yard.

It turns out there is a rootball on that thing tight enough to make my spade pretty much useless. I've been digging a moat around the thing and am hoping to get under it, cut the main roots, and roll the whole mess out of the ground, which'll leave me with a good start on a swimming pool next to the driveway.

Groceries are up, gas is, in spite of Bush's "not being aware of" such a possibility a month ago, pushing $4, and the cars and people in the area around my neighborhood keep looking shabbier. I remember hearing voters getting interviewed on the radio four years ago. Several mentioned that they had voted for Bush so that "he would have to clean up his own mess." That sure didn't work. The person you'd love to have a beer with, for those of you who have been in bars recently, have a tendency to leave you with the bill on occasion.

A month ago, I heard a primary voter discussing the merits of the two Democratic candidates state that he was for Barack because Hillary didn't seem very nice, and he was certain that if he sat down across the table and had coffee with her, that he wouldn't like her at all. After the past four years, one would think that the public would have learned that beverage-based conversation is not the basis for choosing the leader of a country.

Capuccino, anyone?

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Kristen said...

Once you have that bush out of the way, you'll have a fine place for a new vegetable garden. Yes, I'm trying to think positive!