Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Windows Vista Still Sucks

I never want to deal with Microsoft ever again. I put off buying a laptop as long as I could, then when I broke down, had no choice but to buy a Vista laptop (unless I wanted to go for Apple). Vista runs slowly, my computer takes eons to shut down, Vista hides controls that I should have easy access to, and Vista won't talk to various other things, most importantly my scanner, which this semester is a vital thing for me to use. In looking at the website of those that built my scanner, they've deemed it old enough to not even bother with drivers that will allow it to talk to my Vista-ridden computer. It talked just fine with my XP computer. So...a scanner I bought three years ago and have hardly used until now is unusable. I'm so happy that Microsoft is making all of these decisions for me--which operating system I can use on my computer, which mouse I can use, when it's time to buy a scanner, even though I have a pristine one on my desk...I'm having to type out my poetry copy packet by hand, because I'm not going to have to cart an entire trunkload of books someplace so I can get poetry scanned. This has Dave more than a bit pissed. Others are saying this all more succinctly and amusingly than I am (I am far from feeling amusing at the moment), so I shall sign off with a doff of the hat to those who put together the following video:

My next computer is gonna be an Apple, by god. Microsoft, you've been put on notice.


brizbrizuri said...

While watching that video on my macbook, I almost had a catastrophe when my laughing almost dislodged the laptop onto the floor from it perch on my legs. All I can say is that it was frustrating that even with the name and password for my network, it couldn't find it while my laptop hummed along allowing me to check out the beeb.

Mme Darjeeling said...

And the really depressing thing is that the techno-geeks that make up this stuff have higher salaries than any of the rest of us ever will.

Anonymous said...

Vista still sucks regardless what anyone says. First and foremost, if you have a tv tuner prepare yourself for crappy tv picture. The microsoft decoder is an inbuilt decoder that delivers really bad picture quality. With xp you can atleast use purevideo. Maybe.... just maybe with the last version of the service pack to be delivered through updates there might be an improvement. Also those who say that people should not complain and get new hardware should reconsider not many can afford a new dozen of hardware items just to upgrade to vista. Vista should of gave software and hardware companies more time to be vista ready.