Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mistake Cookies

Yesterday, in the metropolis of York, Nebraska, we had dinner with my aunt Andrea, husband Drew and their ten children, and afterwards, we had something I've not tasted in well over a decade. We call them mistake cookies, a sort of refrigerator cookie discovered in the same way that Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. My grandmother was what many might euphemistically refer to as an "experimental" cook. The results of which look a bit disturbingly like a frozen beef patty, but are nothing less than cocoa, oatmeal, margarine-soaked (out here many still call it oleo) goodness.

I'll soon attempt to link a vid--something to approximate typical family proceedings in their own environment. I've no idea how to edit, so here, for good or ill, will be the raw footage for your potential enjoyment. I talk slowly in comparison to most of my relatives, so beware.


brizbrizuri said...

I have to say, your family is experimental. Something that looks like that belongs on the grill, and if it melted onto the coals, not much of a loss. The ingredients make me think of a no-bake cookie that has been made in my family for years. It was never my favorite, which is odd, since I like both oats & chocolate, but it was probably a textural issues--just like lima beans.

Mmd Darjeeling said...

Ah ha! The truth comes out. Those Yodelling Pickles of your previous post are really some experimental Blomenberg concoction of yesteryear handed down through the generations.