Saturday, January 12, 2008

Arctic Archaeology

Found while cleaning out my icebox:

Quart of skim milk, marked "Best by Nov. 16 2007"

Squeeze bottle of mustard, marked "Best by Dec. 18, 2005"

2 Ziploc baggies containing egg-sized hailstones from a storm in April 2006

Baking-soda refrigerator deodorizer in shape of an eskimo, owned by previous house owner, who died sometime in 2000-2001

A paintbrush, in ziploc baggie, with lighter ochre paint on it, which means it was used in painting the garage. That would mean it's been in my refrigerator for three years.

--Dinner, anyone?


Kristen said...

You mean you didn't clean out the fridge when you moved in??!! EWWWWW!!!! Men!

brizbrizuri said...

You should get some pickles and see how long it takes for them to become the yodeling sort.

Mme Darjeeling said...

There's no food like old food!