Monday, January 07, 2008

Day 1 Scorecard

Well, currently the lead is being held by my evil, inconsiderate, and likely methed-up upstairs neighbor, who has been getting gradually more erratic over the course of the school year. I spent last night trying to sleep while she and her various enablers did horse-laps up and down the stairs right along my apartment wall. And of course she needs to slam the door each and every time to make sure it is in fact securely fastened. All this nonsense finally stopped sometime around 4:15, leaving me an hour and 45 minutes to sleep before my 7:30 class. I awoke with a start as soon as I realized I was dreaming about Mitt Romney--not due to any political dislikes, but due to the fact that, with NPR on the clock radio, if I'm dreaming of current events, that means my alarm is going. I'd managed to sleep through almost half an hour of radio news.

The freak weather we are having (65 is the projected high, but I believe it will be warmer, as it was 63 before sunrise) has Heavilon Hall feeling like a bad basement with a heating problem. The lack of sleep and interior atmospheric conditions have me feeling like I've been brushed with oil and salt. At least the syllabi are in the can, the packet is ready for purchase at Copymat, and the books have all been ordered. Things seem to be going well so far. I just need to get through today without succumbing to a nap. And if that chick starts slamming doors again, I just may have to ask her to choose a different time to do her horse-laps. Nicely, of course.

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Kristen said...

{sigh} Very sorry to hear about the neighbor trouble. This weather is definitely bizarre! I lived through my first day too, but came home and napped to make up for it. ;)