Saturday, January 26, 2008

School in Earnest

The semester has officially started. By that I mean the trailer-load of tasks has been dumped on my shivering person--this weekend I need to cobble together two more poems, grade 20 papers, do three weeks of laundry as I've not been home in forever, pay the bills, work on lesson plans, get stuff submitted to journals, do further research for internships over the summer, read a novel by Tuesday, read lit crit, and comment on my undergrad student poems for my Monday conferences with everyone. I also need to work on revising my own stuff and get that prepared for Literary Awards in the next couple of weeks. Considering that I need to drive back to Lafayette tomorrow afternoon, that leaves a pretty jam packed 24 hours. I'll try to keep up on the blog, but...

In other news, the department is all up in arms over an email thoughtlessly sent by a grad student and things have been on edge for over a week now. If it illustrates anything, it shows the great social responsibility of everyone not to be a dumbass. Being a dumbass only ends up making other people upset and increases the chances of others being dumbasses and prolonging the pain and bother for everyone. Not being a dumbass is harder work than in sounds and I've been one on quite a few occasions. I've learned, however, what further issues that causes and am trying to avoid such incidents as much as possible. Sending out inflammatory, racially, or religiously insensitive emails is being a dumbass. Responding in an inflammatory fashion to such emails that are willfully misinformed is also being a dumbass and does no one any favors. So, in closing, remember your social responsibility, folks...lets all make it one of those January resolutions and let's try to make it stick.

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