Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sun, Surf, and Siding

The lungs are alternately worse and better. I bring the laptop into the tent every evening now so I can listen to music--the Bartok string quartets, lately--and hear something other than my sludgy lungs. This morning I actually woke up earlier than Dad did. My coughing woke me up at 7, I bummed around on the patio for another hour, enticing the squirrels to come closer and closer with my store of grandpa's in-shell peanuts. Sometime after 8 Dad makes an appearance, then disappears for another 20 minutes. Evidently the ladder-climbing is taking its toll.

I'm not sure if I am sliding into bronchitis or not--I still cough for about an hour to an hour and a half in the morning, but after that things seem to be better. Today was spent taking off all of the siding that we put on yesterday, adjusting things, and then putting it all back on again. We have one new sheet up. I'm not at all enjoying this siding application part of the program, and if I was to pick an after-grad-school job, the siding business would not be it.

During Dad's first break I rode down to nearby Lake Loveland and walked around a bit in the perfectly chilled water, finding various stones of pretty colors to take home or lose or something. On riding back, we got the last of the stuff we had cut put up, leaving the odd cut-out sections at the top for tomorrow. This is thrilling news for the general reader, i know I know...

The bunnies are practically impossible to photograph, and in the pix I have, one can tell that it is a bunny, but not just how adorable they are. The temp reached 90, though humidity is only 10%. Dad indicated that he was pretty much done with stuff I'd be helping out with for the day, so I'm back downtown at the library. I'll probably have something to eat here (there's an old place called the Bum Steer or something like that--it has a picture on its sign of a steer's ass--which I might try after I tire of the internet. I've got my fantabulous issue 59 of Willow Springs to read, along with a back issue of Redivider.

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