Saturday, June 14, 2008

If Only...

...grandpa's house was three stories high. If it was, this'd be the view from one of the bedrooms. I snapped this while wrestling with the chimney a couple of days ago.

Today is my last day here in Colorado (and there was much rejoicing...)--I'll be on the shuttle by 6:15 in the morning tomorrow. I'm going to look in to having the bike shipped, but I might just leave it here. I seriously considered riding it all the way back to Indy on an epic trip, but thought better of it. With the lungs, etc., this just isn't the time to do it.

This trip certainly could've gone better. But the bike, the lovely beer from Ft. Collins, and the baby bunnyrabbits frolicking in the backyard have helped quite a bit. After lunch, Grandpa and I will go to see how much it will cost to ship the bike back, as well as the tent and sleeping bag. It'll be great to get back to my house, where I can resume my reading schedule and not deal with any siding for a while.

The bike shipping would be over $100, with an additional $30 for the necessary crate, so it looks like the bike will be staying here in Colorado for the nonce. It appears we might actually be working on trim, but considering it's after 2p.m. I'm not sure how long Dad'll be working. Once we're done, I'm getting some Fat Tire, by g-d.

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Kristen said...

Hmm, too bad I don't have enough time to figure out how Claudia and hubby travel with their bike (a tandem no less). They've flown to Europe with it several times. I know you can take bikes on airlines, but I know there are restrictions, etc. and they have to be disassembled to some point. Well, perhaps you can just keep your eye out for a nice hybrid when you get back to Indy. I like my hybrid, but I'm not very concerned about high-speed.