Monday, June 23, 2008

More Canoeing; variability and fluid dynamics

Regarding canoeing yesterday, the weather was, shall we say, up and down. We managed to luck out rather well, in that the rain only hit on the way back to the canoe rental place after we finished lunch, and within minutes of our getting to a place to eat for dinner after we docked.

The waterway itself seemed like a locale, in other meteorological conditions, for l'amours,the entire length of the wooded banks. The stone formations made inlets and lees and banks of current-smoothed stones where various couples met or miscellaneous articles of clothing lingered, in the silt-coated extremities of tree-limbs in various shady nooks the banks gave on the way to the southwest.

Once we clambered back up on the bank, we found this tourist photo souvenir place as we trudged to our cars. As various people can verify regarding my longhair days, I don't do well with shoulder- length. It only gets tangly. One wakes up with it up one's nose, or wrapped around one's neck. Ergo, long hair doesn't work for me. Or a bikini top.

The weather was wonderful. The sandals were variable.

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Kristen said...

We used to go canoeing at Turkey Run regularly. It was always a fun time, even if it resulted in some bad sunburn. (One has to remember to reapply sunblock.) I'm glad to see you getting out of the house and having some fun. (In spite of some misadventures.)