Sunday, June 08, 2008

Crap, crap, and crap

I'm feeling like crap, folks--no oxygen is getting to my system due to various reasons--I've resorted to Primatene for the first time in about a decade. The stuff allows you to breathe, but I feel like my chest cavity is being artificially expanded by springs. Which hurts. So, I still feel like crap, but each inhalation isn't accompanied by strange notes and bird trills.

We've moved on to replacing siding. It's my first time working on a new construction house, and I have to say I'm appalled at the crap quality of the materials. Constructed in 1987, the siding, which is made essentially out of pressed sawdust, has, from day one, been absorbing rainwater and swelling and falling apart. For no plausible reason, the stuff is put on with 20-penny (3-inch) galvanized nails, which is kinda the equivalent of using a nail gun to fasten an antimacassar to the back of a wing-back chair. Or using a .22 for wart removal. The siding is disintegrating, leaving one with crap everywhere and huge nails to yank out of the framework. For all my gripes about refurbishment, I'll take my 1926-built bungalow any day over a new-built subdivision home.

Well, the sun is down, and it's about time I headed back to my tent. Hopefully things won't be like last night, with a nearby outdoor wedding reception (with horrible outdoor live band) followed by 4 hours of rain. At least I know the thing sheds water now.

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Kristen said...

Well, this kind of thing has been going on for a long time. The main part of the house my sister and her husband lived in when they were in CT was built before the Revolutionary War. It was solid. Small and a little awkward, but solid. The addition, built some time around the Civil War, was not. They don't build 'em like they used to!