Monday, December 18, 2006

Tunes--Silly Blog Trope

Ok, here it is. The idea of this, which I'd gotten from other blogs tracing them back to this blog, with likely didn't come up with the idea to begin with, was that you put on your music, with everything on your hard drive in shuffle mode. Push Play and for each of the stages of a typical movie, you type in the song that comes up and how it fits. The soundtrack is supposed to be uncannily apt. I've wasted time doing this three times and it still won't work. My bad. And even if it did, how would this be anything but a boring report of how pop lyrics apply to my life? Boring and depressing, that. Here is the hybridized version.

Opening Credits:
You Couldve been with me--Sheena Easton
"Maybe that's why your'e such a strange and special one...You can't even love yourself, and with a few exceptions, not anybody else" Well, that sounds lovely. This movie must be a great date flick.

Waking Up:
Cybele's Reverie--Stereolab
Kinda retro, kinda cheerful, kinda busy morning-like music. Scenes of Dave getting ready in the morning. Brushing teeth. Sliding on the bathroom floor. Scrubbing the steam off the mirror. I'd translate the lyrics, but I don't know French.

First Day at School:
Moscheles Concert Studies Op. 105 No. 2.
Evidently I'm going to Dance classes. Stretching at the barre, anyone? One and two and dip and >crunch<

Falling in Love:
I Don't Want your Love--Duran Duran
"I don't want your love to bring me down..." Yep. Pretty damned romantic.

Fight Song:
"Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)--The Eagles of Death Metal"
Hmmm. Sounds more like an after fight song.

Breaking Up:
"In Another Life--XTC"
Really? I have this song?
"I hope you don't get those headaches in another life"

Afraid--David Bowie
Ok, first off, I would never go to Prom even for money. The horrible power ballads, giving way to people crunking in evening wear. It's a prospect almost as bleak as this list I find myself typing.
"I put my faith in education..."

Souvenirs No. 2--Charles-Valentin Alkan
The subtitle is "Three pieces in the pathetique genre. Stormy, rather dark, and difficult to play. Ok, now I'm depressed.

"Ever Fallen In Love (With someone You Shouldn't Have Fallen in Love with)--The Buzzcocks, as performed by Nouvelle Vague.
Umm...I'm thinking that some of these songs are out of order.

Chaconne from Partita No. 2 BWV 1004 by J. S. Bach
Ok, seriously. Not good driving music. Not even a little bit.

You Say You Love Me--The Downbeats
Ok, Considering that this is a Motown song from 1965, I suppose it qualifies as a flashback.

Getting Back Together:
Waiting for Benny--Charlie Christian
Here's a song that Benny Goodman's band cut while their illustrious band leader (who tended to take credit for their compositions) was on his way to the studio. I suppose I could picture the movie scene in a Jazz club or something.

Well, now that we know it isn't a biopic, I feel better.
Symphony #3 Movement 3 by Avet Terterian.
This would be rather electrifying at any wedding, perhaps as a processional, or perhaps when the Klingon guards come in to set the place on fire.

Birth of Child:
Paperback Bible--Lambchop
The song is nothing but quotes of people putting things up for sale on a radio show. Evidently I'm giving the kid up for adoption.

Final Battle:
Fantastic Voyage--David Bowie
"..and we never get old, remember that dignity is valuable; our lives are valuable too...And I don't want to live with somebody's depression."

Death Song:
"From the Flagstones"--Cocteau Twins
Hold it--No Bach in "Todesbanden"? no "Ich Steh mit fuss im Grab?" Oh well. Not at the top of my list of favorite songs, but the only one I can think of that has the word "oriel" in the lyrics.

Funeral Song:
Skin Trade--Duran Duran
Umm--Evidently I'm donating my body to science.

End Credits:
I can't go for that (No Can Do)--Hall & Oates
And neither can I.

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OK, perhaps not apt, but pretty darned funny!