Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Logjam o' Lit! Thanks Brian!

Surprise surprise! I get not one, but two boxes full of literary journals and other goodies from my friend Brian. Two of the journals even had CDs included of the writers reading their works. I started leafing through them right away, bringing a couple along with me to the restaurant where I had lunch. The CDs were playing in the stereo on the way there. Many have interviews which are very interesting to read, plus I get a whole lot more back issues of Poetry Magazine, which tends to have interesting pieces, not to mention its often rather crabby Letters to the Editor section. It could be seen as the LaScala of the Poetry Journal world. I've got plenty of reading ahead of me! Thanks Brian!

1 comment:

Brian Burtt said...

No problem. If there's something there that isn't interesting or useful, feel free to pass it on (or toss it out).