Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas is coming...

...and so far I haven't had to deal with any extended listenings-to of holiday tunes. This is a good thing. Ever since my undergrad participaton in the PMO Christmas Show, I've not been able to deal with a full 2 months of Christmas music. Epecially when rendered by the likes of the last generation of singers who need to see how many vocal riffs and runs they can pack into Silent Night. Grr.

At any rate, here we have some pix of Purdue's Union..I figured I'd better start taking pix of it, as they have stated that this summer will see major updates to the building, which, if Purdue's record of "major updates" is to be concerned, means that we'll be looking at the interior of an Arby's. The before and after pix of the interior of University Hall speak volumes. I'll see if I can find them and will post them here.

The holidays have hit Purdue. Here's the tree. Note the artful positioning of the lights. All of the ornaments, aside from the satin balls, are various student groups at the university. Viewing from the mezzanine/second floor, I noticed that quite a few of the glass balls have slipped off their respective twigs and are resting precariously on top of the pine needles, waiting to drop like glittery bombs on unsuspecting undergrads. I can't wait to read about it in the Exponent: TERROR TANNENBAUM.

Speaking of the Exponent, they've had some doozies lately. I've even started using some of their articles as exactly what not to do when writing for my class. Even spellcheck is optional with these folks, it seems. We also have an editor who l o v e s melodrama. The "Dateline: 10 p.m. The unwitting had no idea DISASTER was about to strike" variety. My favorite faux pas is the caption under a photograph of a visiting lecturer, where he is described as "having a speak" with the engineering students. It's a phrase we now use in the office whenever we need to have a heart-to-heart with an erring student.

And Monday after classes, I went to Sgt. Preston's for the bestest beer and called Eric to see if he'd eaten yet. He was with Theresa and also the fab Ms. Goddard. They hadn't eaten and were up for a burger, so I worked on drafts until they showed up. Food was had. Poetry was discussed. Revision was griped about (note manuscripts on the table.) I've been getting comments I look very professorial with the grey and the beard. In a fashion-related aside, I bought the sweater on sale precisely because it looked so completely 1985. Plus, it's pseudo-Christmasesque, so it gives the appearance I'm in the Holiday mood. Rah.


Kristen said...

Um, yeah, the beard is, well, ageing. Startlingly so. Is Sgt Preston's something new? Or something I just never went to?

Brian Burtt said...

I refuse, as a matter of principle, to grade supposedly adult students on spelling and grammar. However, after a particularly bad set of papers--not bad on ideas, really, but particularly bad for sentences that didn't make sense, and the sort of typo that spell-check doesn't catch--I think the last straw was having a student writing about "sailing a shit"--I've decided that next semester, if students hand in papers with a certain number of errors (that number yet to be determined), I will hand them back for a re-write.

As for Christmas music, you can't miss Messiah-on-crack: