Monday, November 24, 2008

Vista STILL Sucks...

...regardless as to what the folks say on that dumb Project Navaho ad campaign. Here's French and Saunders:

Microsoft, you are still on notice. Don't think for a second that I'll forget.


Wishydig said...

i hate these vista-camo ads.

of course people are going to be impressed if you sit them down for 15 minutes to an hour and show them all the things it can do and you guide them through how to do it.

but what about showing them what vista can't do? what about showing them what it's like trying to run vista over the span of a week?

every latest platform looks impressive in a controlled environment when someone who knows the system is helping.

Davo said...

It's rather like the Pizza Hut Pasta commercials. You give people a free meal in a flashy setting and of course they're gonna be complimentary. The accolades cost them as much as the food did.