Thursday, November 27, 2008

In the Light of Current Events--and in Response to Certain Unnamed Parties...

...and considering the unnamed parties in question, sadly, they'd have no worries about how to vote regarding the following video. It's for them I post it:

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Saying that voting should only be for those who own property, saying that civil rights are decided by majority vote, saying that second-class citizenship should be decided by a ballot is mighty dangerous stuff to be arguing for right now. Within a generation, you'll be the one arguing for what the current legislation reads. If you can't get along, go along. And that goes for you, Mr. Pillar of Nebraska Lutheran Society, not that you check out the Interweb, aside from making sure that no uncleanness enters the household. Time Marches on, and if its a more tolerant time, then God bless it. He blesses the meek, you might remember.

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