Saturday, February 09, 2008

The immense stylizations o' Bananarama

In 80s form, I thought I'd put up some stuff where Bananarama--the trio so talented they only sang in unison--actually was cool.

For example, their collaborations with Fun Boy Three--

Their big hit had me interested in them at the time--

but they had little else to do but make dancier versions of 60s and 70s tunes, all again sung almost entirely in unison unless the chorus tricked them into doing otherwise...

Siobhan, the brunette, managed to redeem herself by marrying David Stewart of Eurythmics and forming Shakespear's Sister. They first came on the scene with a song called Heroine which has Siobhan running around in a wedding dress. The song , though it has its moments, is pretty much typical late 80s pop. Later, though, Shakespear's Sister had a song with one of the best videos of the early Nineties, directed by the wonderful Sophie Muller:

The video spoke heavily on certain levels to AIDS, the many deaths simply swept under the rug, Siobhan's appearance at the time was electrifying, there as Death-as-seductress, confident of winning. After this, they essentially dropped off the planet. Sophie Muller continued on, directing great videos for Eurythmics and Blur, among others.

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Brian Burtt said...

Something in my world was shattered when Kristen informed me that, yes, Bananarama and Shakespear's Sister had something to do with each other...