Saturday, February 09, 2008

Asleep in the Dark of You, It Feels Like I Never Saw Sun--Another Rabbit Hole

I heard that Kylie Minogue has a new CD out, so I checked out her latest single. Based on the imagery in the first single's video, with its bedazzled skulls and Kylie all made up like Anna Nicole, this seems a bit darker of an album than her fans are used to, perhaps drawing from her recent cancer battle.

It also sounds a good deal smarter than her previous efforts. Her breakthrough hit of a few years back "Cant Get You out of My Head" was destined to be a big hit, but half the song being nothing but "Na-na-na" obviated the video of her wearing a gas station towel belt and two staples. I noticed the song title of her new single is the same as an 80s song by Stacy Q, the woman who brought hair crimping to the masses--millions of hapless teens baked their locks into brittle lasagna noodles for a full year before having to cut it all off. The Kylie song's melody is based heavily on the Stacy Q chorus motif of "I need you I need you."
I remember hearing the Stacy Q song on the bus radio on the way to high school in those dreary midwinter mornings just as we were having to pick up those hellish trailer court kids. The Stacy Q song is in turn a big rip-off of Madonna's own "Dress You Up"
--the "I need you I need you" is "all over all over" in the Madonna song, as evidenced by the videos supplied herein...

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beanbag said...

Ouch! The Eighties! Run for the hills when these be-bop wanna' be songs take over the airwaves for years to come in feminine product commercials.