Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sans Sunscreen

I decided to get some RnR today, so instead of working on the windows, or the flowerbed, or the tuckpointing, I took advantage of the rather cooler weather and the still mostly cloudy skies to go to a nearby public pool to read, peoplewatch, and write down observations. I hadn't thought I'd stayed there very long. I read a couple of poems from a lit journal, wrote down some observations, jumped in the water once, actually climbed to experience the slowest, most boring water slide ever constructed, and then I walked home.
I am an incendiary device. I am a fritter. A chitterling. A glowing coal of dermal catastrophe. Having been out often this summer, I thought I was generally out of the woods regarding spontaneous combustion, but I was woefully mistaken. My sides where my arms were are still white, which, when I twist to look at myself in the mirror, makes me look like an enormous slice of nicely marbled bacon. I'll bet sleeping will be a breeze tonight. Last time this happened, I had to sleep with a wet tea towel plastered to my stomach and a fan blowing on it. Ah, bliss. In three days I'll be peeling like a gecko.


Jennifer said...

Ha. Davo the Lobster. I like it. Like Attila the Hun or Jabba the Hut. So when do we get to see the embarrassing pictures?

Kristen said...

Get aloe and slather it liberally all over your body. Keep slathering. Several times a day. (And get the good stuff, not that horrid stuff that has all sorts of artificial colors and other crap in it.) Once you are no longer in pain switch to something like jojoba or sweet almond oil, applied liberally after your bath. This should make the peeling less painful and make the new skin happy.

Take ibuprofen or the NSAID of your choice to keep the pain and swelling down.

As you've discovered, the concept of a "base tan" is a myth. Always wear your sunscreen!

Brian Burtt said...

Enough about you. How's the bird?

Jon Sealy said...

It's only going to get worse in the next two months. Shade, my friend, is your best friend until September.

(This isn't a complaint about the heat, mind you. When it snowed in April, I made a pact with myself that I wasn't going to complain about the heat all summer, no matter how sweltering it gets. Cool shade on a hot summer day is glorious. A sunny patch on a July afternoon less glorious [but not in/un-glorious].)