Saturday, June 23, 2007

Avian Health--A User's Manual

Ok, from various sources, I've heard that the parakeet's name could be Sprite, Keats (which is quite ingenious), and Petey, and another option, which I find greatly amusing, is a nod to the Bible belt in which I live and especially Dorothy Parker, who had a parakeet she named Onan--because it "scattered its seed." This is certainly something my certifiably male parakeet does with alacrity, though not quite in the way the original Onan did. I have millet and grass seed all over everywhere at the moment. I've still not made any specific decision, as I'm sure there are many more suggestions out there, not to mention, this is a potentially temporary harboring of the Budgerigar.

Alice has been generous enough to let me borrow a cage, and has even brought extra food and bird toys for the parakeet. Once I introduced the bird to the cage, the bird hopped right in and since then will have nothing to do with me. It rather takes the joy out of bird ownership. Not that I was wanting the parakeet to crap on my picture frames and down my freshly painted windows, but now it's practically a goldfish. All lookie, no touchie. Sad sad.


Kristen said...

He's probably just happy to be in a familiar environment. Let him have a good nap and he'll probably come around. Especially once he figures out you are the provider of the seed to be scattered.

Lydia said...

Have you thought of Dosty? Fyodor's where the party's at.

Jon Sealy said...

I think you should name him Bonedaddy.