Thursday, May 03, 2007

Opportunism and Currying Favor

Now, not that anyone's been taking notice, but just in case you thought for a moment that Kylie Minogue hasn't been actively currying to the Gay disco scene's favor, I thought I'd check in with ya all.... I remembered seeing this vid in Berlin, just before breakfast, and it made me giggle. Not that I'm getting much into this sort of music, but, Kylie and Daft Punk were a big part of my last time in Germany. Not to mention, Kylie, in her big video, drove a rare car that my Dad had for a short while back in 1979-1980--my younger brother loved it more than I but the DeThomaso Pantera was a big part of our lives back in West Branch Iowa, back when "my Sharona" was a big hit. Erik and I hung out on the roof of the tin shed outside of where Dad worked on this car and others as he cussed. It's where we got our colorful language. Yes, the car we had was canary yellow, too. We drove it from Iowa to Nebraska for sale. It was late winter early spring. I remember it well... My sister and brother had most of the quality time in the sports car (and the subsequent lateral G's) as we drove down I-80. I was in the car rather seldom. It had a black interior, if I'm not mistaken. La La La...I just can't get you outta my head..Yep I'm old. It turns out that the costumes for the big vid are straight from 1920s Soviet expressionist stage costume trends, though I can't immediately find the links... My disco? uh...really? Maybe I'm just a big redneck, but I had no idea that support was so desperately needed. I rememberbeing inBerlin, waking up after too much beer, trying to get up for my next museum trip, blinking, and seeing this vid on the tv...She gets points for the french narration, but, computer]generated semaphores? Top hats? Wha? And discos need you? I mean , really--don't bars make money hand over fist? And how should I interpret the stars-and-stripes spandex? This modern world always throws something in to mess me up... Oh, here it is. This will mess most people up...Kylie, and George Michael? Twins??????


Kristen said...

I'm resisting reminding you how much you enjoyed her on EuroMTV when we were in Moscow. Ahem.

Have you noticed the frightening amount of "our" music in commercials? Like the Wendy's commercial with the Violent Femmes and the Reese's commercial I saw light night that featured New Order. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Davo said...

I'm fully expecting "Close to Me" by the Cure to be on a Huggies commercial this summer.

brizbrizuri said...

She curries gay favor with "Slow."

On this video all she is currying is a letter from Cher's lawyers accusing her of stealing Cher's face and locks from her closet.

At least none of the armed forces have decided that "Killing an Arab" would be good background music for their commercials.

brizbrizuri said...

Faxhk....when a hacker takes contol of your fax machine. (and the irresistable word verication for a totally pointless comment)

Brian Burtt said...

Aiee...I may be forever scarred by the vision of a marauding army of Kylie Minogue fembots.