Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Brain Stem Death Test

Ever have those moments when there isn't a single thought in your head? When the best things you can come up with are half-baked at best? When your state of mind could best be summed up as "clotted"? I'm finding that yard work is good for those times. I've spent the past three days increasing my chances of basal cell carcinoma while digging up the insidious root system that my evil mutant devil-spawn of a lawn has decided to extend across the flowerbeds. But today it's cold and rainy. The flowerbeds are a pile of muck. I'll try to read, but more likely will end up spending hours watching Match Game 76 or the Gong Show on YouTube, both of which I vaguely remembered watching as a kid. Back then, I remember Chuck Barriss being funny, rather than shitfaced as these vids show. Either way, the results were occasionally brilliant.

I'll work on further cerebration later this week. Wish me luck.


Kristen said...

Sunblock, damnit, sunblock!!!

Casey said...

This is interesting to me -- my brain often feels like that picture you posted: just cluttered or over-focused. As a kid, I always used to make fun of my dad for spending so much time mowing the lawn or vacuuming or dusting the ledges in our house, etc. But as I get older, I'm starting to understand... I suspect he wasn't even mowing as an end in itself, but as a reprieve from brain overdrive.

Sometimes I would want to signal to him that I was going for a bike ride somewhere and it would be almost impossible to get his attention -- mowing as zen. Interesting.

Lydia said...

I acutally updated my blog! Be proud of me!