Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Virulent Mayhem and Administrative Ignorance

Well, this morning was certainly a new low in the illness department. I was reduced to rolling around on the bed for hours, squeezing my skull in the hopes it wouldn't come apart due to sinus pressure. Any worse and for any longer and I was going to stumble to the car and hit the hospital. Things have lightened up significantly since then, but I've been up all of 5 hours so far today. And going to the drugstore across the street was a lovely experience, what with having to show all that I.D. just to get Sudafed, then having to use the stylus thingie to sign an electronic screen certifying that I'm gonna use the Sudafed for congestion control and not to concoct anything in my basement that'll keep me up the three days. When I'm sick, I'm super-anal about being an agent of contagion and had brought my own pen so as to sign the credit card receipt, but no, I had to grab the germy stylus and add my own pathogens to it for any other subsequent signers to catch.

After waking up from nap No. 3, I grabbed my cloth bags and headed to Kroger for some food, as I'm fresh out. As I was walking under the gas station canopy toward the grocery store, I noticed the current price of gas. Now, it was only a week ago that Bush, at his press conference, said in that can-it-with-questions-like-that tone that he "hadn't heard" of projections that gas was going to top $4 a gallon. It's been a week since and I see that regular here is at $3.49 and diesel is at $3.80. He's from an oil family, his family is a big player in the global Oil game, and he comes up with something like that? "Interesting..." he says, "hadn't heard that..." It's certainly gonna be a long time until January if this is how he's gonna be for the rest of his administration.

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