Monday, December 08, 2008

Asshat Auto Exec Syndrome

I don't want auto workers to lose their jobs, but I certainly want the execs that have been in charge of America's auto industry to lose theirs. If they were parents, one could almost get them for wilfull negligence.

Seeing their companies' commercials on TV this week, you'd think we were still in another time, like, say, 8 to 10 years ago. Cadillac Escalades. Hummers (with the ludicrous mention of improved mileage). Dodge has just come out with a new campaign that announces that their Pickup trucks have established a new, previously unattained level of luxury. Ahem--for pickups. There has been rather milquetoast-intensity pressure on them to increase their MPG rating and efficiency, but they have come back time and again saying that that would be too expensive, that that would hurt the industry, that that would only be attainable if the slope were less steep.

Well, it's certainly steeper now. But asshat syndrome is spreading. Get a load of this--Reuters has reported that there is now a megachurch pastor who has decided to get God involved. By bringing SUVs onto the stage (I refuse to call it anything else) and conduct a pray-in. you can read about it here. There is a picture here.

At least you can't say that the American auto industry doesn't have a prayer.

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Kristen said...

In my dream world, the government would work out a plan to retrain the workers and retrofit their factories and suppliers to make green products like solar panels, windmills, etc. These workers are highly skilled and would be great to get green manufacturing expanded and going in this country. I've written a letter to that effect, but... {sigh}