Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well, THAT Worked Just Great

$700 Billion? Sure! Oversight? Nah--you did so well with the money earlier, we trust ya. AIG? You poor dears, let's throw some money at you so you can have a lovely half-mil retreat for your Highly-Compensated employees two weeks later. Oh, and today, it comes out you need another $37 billion? Why not? Oh, and that's not even included in the $700 billion bailout mentioned earlier.

Folks, if you aren't furious about this, you ought to be.


Brian Burtt said... could argue that it doesn't do a damn bit of good to get furious. Many, many people did just that and wrote to their congresspeople about that. Accomplished nothing.

Better to put one's efforts toward something useful. Like saving up money for a one-way ticket to France.

Casey said...

Uh, I'm furious about it. Unfortunately, both of our Presidential candidates weren't furious enough to consider voting "No" to the ridiculous bailout package.