Sunday, April 01, 2007

Efflorescences with Figured Bass of Peeling Brick

It's officially Spring, so that means that there has to be at least one picture--I think it's a requirement in the Blogger Terms and Conditions--of tulips. This is the artsiest one I could come up with. I'm no Mapplethorpe. Kristen's here (YAY!) but not for long--I'm taking her to the airport in a couple of hours.

The day appears to be living up to Spectacular status and I hope to re-commence working on that stack of annotated bibliographies on the porch.


brizbrizuri said...

Bass or Bass (fish or string instrument)? Or are you just being deliberately vague.

Davo said...

Tis a musical term...a Basso continuo, if you will. Which does not mean a fish that continues. Though, I suppose all currently existing largemouth basses could be called such. Silly.