Friday, November 24, 2006

Well, here is proof, for those of you not exactly sure what Davo has been doing, that he is, indeed, instructing students in "the art of writing." I have started reading papers and it is a task I find myself easily tiring of. Perhaps it's the turkey and all that food I ate yesterday that's making things a bit draggy. Or lets just face things: perhaps its just reading the papers.

After a brief sun-filled nap on the couch, I had more Thanksgiving leftovers and went to town on the laundry. Changed the sheets. folded things up, put things away. Wrote drafts for three more reviews. Worked on my CV. Worked on my resume. Washed dishes. I need to get all these things done so's I can focus on things poetical. Right now, after all that food, I'm still having difficulty rolling over and getting out of furniture, in which I find I sink lower than in times further in the past, such as, eh, last week. I hope to be on the 4-paper-a-day plan, which will have the papers done by Tuesday, that way I've just got the no-doubt enjoyable final presentations to grade. The rest of the semester will then be taken up with writing and revising. Cake, right?

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Anonymous said...

You're famous! What a professorial type!